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"Since using the services of this excellent practitioner and his staff I am always cheerful about going to the dentist."

"In all my 20 years of going to dentists I have to say that this dentist group is phenomenal! Everyone is very friendly and they remember who you are by name the second you walk in the door. They honestly make going to the dentist effortless and not painful and I highly recommend them... Fantastic doctors here."

"Doctor Katz is the most amazing dentist! We've been going here for over 25 years and this practice is just amazing! My kids didn't even realize they had teeth taken out until they were told. I can't say enough good things about this practice. We even kept coming after we moved a distance away."

"Thank goodness for Dr. Katz and his crew. My teeth would be doomed to rot into stinky oblivion without them. The entire staff here put me so at ease that it's like hanging out with long-time friends. The staff's "bedside manner" is a model for the dental (and medical) community at large. Going to the dentist is a pleasure again."

"I have never been to any medical office that is as comfortable and warm as this one. Everyone, consistently, from the dentists to all the staff are caring and friendly. I just wish all my doctors were like them. I highly recommend them!"

"Gosh, as soon as I do this, I'll regret it (I don't want the office to get too crowded). This is a great dental team. Dr. Katz, Dr. Natia and Dr. Halper, Melissa the receptionist and all of the assistants. I have never had so much fun getting drilled or having a root canal. They are exceptional!"